Talk show host stunned by One Direction fans' outbursts

RTL Late Night presenter Humberto Tan was met with extremes of outrage and insults from disappointed One Direction fans who did not win a seat in his live interview with the British boy band, the talk show host told De Telegraaf on Sunday.

There were only 200 seats available for the live recording, and over 30,000 applicants. The "Directioners" who did not win a ticket took to social media, and proceeded to insult Tan on Twitter. After posting a picture of himself and the band, fans reacted with "You have ruined the picture with your head".

In an effort to make light of the situation, Humberto Tan took to Twitter: "Imagine 1D suddenly cancelled, and could not come to the show at all.... Now that would be global disaster". Even this was met with drastic reactions.

Humberto has since says that he is stunned by the hateful responses from the One Direction fans, comments which included people cursing Tan with AIDS and other illnesses. He said it was particularly galling that no parents took to Twitter telling the kids to behave themselves.

Tan also said he was rather shocked that out of the 200 winners, 23 did not show up to the studio recording.

The RTL Late Night episode featuring One Direction aired Monday evening.