Coffeeshop murderer could get eight years

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A 54-year old coffee shop owner from Amsterdam may be sentenced to eight years in prison for the , who passed away in January.

Two British tourists saw the co-owner of the shop, a 44-year old Hindustani, bleeding heavily, staggering out of the coffee shop near City Hall on Oudezijds Voorburgwal on the morning of the incident. The OM believes that the victim sustained stab wounds, and lost a great deal of blood. An ambulance arrived on the scene, and paramedics tried to reduce the victim for approximately 20-30 minutes before transporting him to hospital. The victim, locally known as "Glen", passed away in hospital.

The 53 year-old suspect was arrested within a couple of hours on suspicion of murder, as he was reportedly the only person besides his cousin in the shop at the time.

The Public Prosecutor (OM) has called for eight years imprisonment of the suspect, on the grounds of his unconvincing testimony, the prosecution said in a statement. The suspect had testified that he did not call the ambulance or police upon discovering his injured cousin, because he panicked and could not remember the correct number to dial.

Emergency services may be reached by dialing 1-1-2.

He later said he thought the injury to have been a minor scratch, which is why paramedics were not contacted, according to the OM. A freshly-washed knife was presented by the prosecution as evidence.

The OM took on the case and pressed the murder charge because of the perceived inconsistencies, they said.

The court ruling will be announced on December 22.