Businesses donate heaters to 550 Apeldoorners without gas

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A number of businesses have donated heaters to residents of the Sprenkelaar neighborhood in Apeldoorn who currently have no gas.

The lack of gas was caused by a broken water pipe that leaked water and mud into a gas line on Sunday. 545 households and businesses in the north of Apeldoorn are affected by this. Repairs may take between 3 and 5 days. With temperatures only a few degrees above zero, this inconvenience comes at a bad time. Heaters were brought to Apeldoorn from around the country, so that people can at least heat their living room or bedroom. "On Sunday it was a matter of calling calling calling", a member of the emergency team said to NOS. "Then it became clear that many businesses want to help. The heaters even come from Amsterdam and surroundings." The municipality and grid manager Liander put down a construction trailer across from Anklaar shopping center. This serves as information point and the heaters are available there. Liander is trying to get the gas line cleaned up as soon as possible.