Blackface Saint ends Sinterklaas show

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Opa Piet (Grandpa Piet) was flown in from Spain to train a lot of Pieten. But gradually over the past three weeks, it was revealed that he is not only a returned retiree. Yesterday, during the last episode of Sinterklaasjournaal, it became clear what the season was working towards. Opa Piet has been promoted to a Saint.

Of course mixed reactions flowed in through social media. Comments raging from "My kids (4 and 6) were thrilled that Opa Piet can now stay. Beautiful finale, well conceived." to "Sinterklaasjournaal thought everything would be fine if they also brought in Sinterklaas in blackface? You're doing it wrong." can be seen on Twitter. Although not everyone was happy about this turn of events, it seems that the Black Saint was met with at least some approval.

The Sinterklaasjournaal first , who steadily became blacker as he went through the chimney. When this Piet asked "Am I all black?", Opa Piet answered with the wise words: "The most important thing is that you can go through the chimney. The color of a Piet, that is an afterthought." This underlying message, that Zwarte Piet is not an African servant, but a function that anyone can fulfill after training, also caused a lot of controversy.

Last night's show ended with Sinterklaas and Opa Piet riding happily next to each other.