Uber developers now based in Amsterdam

Uber will now develop mobile apps from the Netherlands, iCulture reports. For this Uber has hired some employees from the Dutch app company Moop.me. "There is no question of a takeover", assures Jeele Prins, founder of Moop.

"A team of ten people has now started working from the office on Vijzelgracht in Amsterdam. They recently handled the Spotify intergration into the Uber app." The team consists half of designers and half of  mobile developers. The plan is to attract another 30 to 40 engineers in the near future.

Amsterdam was chosen because of the presence of many talented developers. The United States' strict visa requirements and the fact that developers do not always want to move to the US, also played a roll in the decision. A number of people on the existing development team in San Francisco have also wanted to move to Amsterdam for some time, iCulture reports. Another advantage is that the international headquarters of Uber is already located in Amsterdam.

Uber has not hired the entire Moop team, but only the employees who are already working on the Uber app. Ten Moop employees got an offer from Uber, the remaining employees will continue with the existing Moop products. Moop is a collaboration of developers and designers who develop apps from various disciplines.