Sick baby's mom wants end to Zwarte Piet chatter

The mother of the sick baby Damin thinks that the fuss about the is going "too far". She wrote this on Facebook. She confirms that what happened in the Jeroen Bosch Hospital was just a misunderstanding.

Damin was rushed to the hospital 10 days after his birth. He was admitted to an empty room, which name plate was being tested. As a test, the IT personnel programmed the board to say Zwarte Piet where the patient's name will be placed. Another empty room was programmed as Sinterklaas. As Damin has darker skin, the impression arose that the hospital was playing a joke.

That was also the impression that the boy's uncle, Hamza Bouharrou, got. "It's really terrible what happened", he said to Omroep Brabant. The hospital apologized for the incident and said that it was a misunderstanding. According to the hospital, it was anything but a joke.

"Damin's mother, Yamina Kahi, finds the fuss exaggerated. "I am very shocked by the comments on social media and in the news about the nameplate. I think this is going too far, because it was just a misunderstanding of the hospital."

Kahi wants to emphasize that the hospital is doing its best for her son. "They are looking after us. What I think is important is the health of my child and I want to ask everyone to stop this, so my son and I can recover in peace."