Hash and cash seized from Hells Angel, three others

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On Wednesday the police arrested four men suspected of hemp trade in a house in Bad Nieuweschans. One of the suspects is a full member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle club. The police found and seized over 20 kilograms of hemp, powder and hashish and more than 40 thousand euros.

Police officers went to the house after a report of a burglary. At the house the officers could see four men inside and smell a strong odor of weed.

When the police entered, one of the men fled through the back door. An officer gave chase and the man was arrested on a rooftop. The man was carrying a bag containing approximately 30 thousand euro. The men turned out to be a 41 year old member of the Hells Angels.

Three other men, a 63 year old from Nieuweschans, a 60 year old from Apledoorn and a 27 year old from Vroomshoop, were arrested in the house.

Police officers found more than 20 kilograms of cannabis, hashish and powder in the house. One of the other suspects was also carrying more than 10 thousand euro.

All four suspects are in custody for further investigation.