Security spending cuts should be blocked: VVD, D66

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The VVD and D66 want less cut backs on support for security in developing countries. That emerged yesterday during a debate on the budget of Minister Lilianne Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

"I do not know why so much is being cut on this", said Ingrid de Caluwé of the VVD. According to the Member of Parliament, this component is disproportionately affected compared to other key issues of the policy. "Is it wise to cut in this key issue", Sjoerd Sjoerdsma of the D66 wondered. According to De Caluwé, security is crucial for the development of countries.

Support for security and law is one of Ploumen's four key issues. It involves, for example, supporting judges, the police, or reconciliation- and peace processes in developing countries.