Father held in stabbing death of boy, 10

A child was stabbed to death in a house on Houtrijkstraat, Westepark in Amsterdam yesterday. A 46 year old man was arrested. According to neighbors, the man was the 10 year old boy's father.

According to neighbors, the man was mentally unstable and there were frequent incidents at the house. They are dismayed that no one intervened earlier. When the suspect was taken away in handcuffs, he said that he was under hypnosis.

The family of the 10 year old victim, Ferdyan, has had previous visits from the police. A spokesperson for the police confirmed today that officers were called out to their home twice in the last four years. The last time was in October 2013.

The Youth Protection in Amsterdam announced that they had never had contact with the family.

Ferdyan's neighbors are very upset by the events. Several neighbors and acquaintances have left flowers at the boy's house. "He was a very sweet boy next door", says one neighbor. "Quiet, but he always said hello." Another neighbor also speaks lovingly of Ferdyan. "He was a sweet, little, treasure of a boy."

The primary school that Ferdyan attended is also shocked by the events. "Today we have a special program which includes victim support" says a staff member of the school. "We are talking a lot with parents and students." The school will probably also be open tomorrow so that students and parents can come together for support.