Three hitmen were hired to kill Endstra: witness

Three hitmen were deployed for the murder of real estate dealer WIllem Endstra. These were the Russian Nakim Abassov, Zyla G. and Ali T. The order givers for the execution did not want to take any risks.

This testified witness Hidr K. in the Public Prosecutor's murder investigation.

T. was arrested in September, but was released again a few days later. The Prosecution only had the testimony of witness Hidr K. against him and that was not enough to keep him longer, according to the Public Prosecutor. Zyla G. has been a fugitive for years and is supposedly staying in Turkey.

In December last year the Public Prosecution closed the investigation, but now it appears that K had made safe statements back in 2012. These statements can now be used as the Public Prosecutor signed an agreement with K. earlier this year. K. has been placed in a witness protection program.

Willem Endstra was shot dead in May 2004 at his office on Apollolaan in Amsterdam. After his death it became clear that Endstra had secret talks with the police regarding his contacts with criminals. Endstra invested money for several criminals in real estate. Endstra had also been extorted by Willem Holleeder. Holleeder was ultimately convicted for the extortion.

It is still unclear who gave the command to have Endstra executed. The Public Prosecutor is looking for Alkmaar cousins Ozgur C. and Ali N. and fugitve Zyla G. for involvement in the murder.

In 2011 Namik Abassove was arrested in Poland and extradited to the Netherlands. According to the Public Prosecutor, he was the shooter. He died in 2012 in prison of a brain hemorrhage.

Later the Public Prosecutor announced that Abassov had declared outside the official interrogations that the Amsterdam criminal Donald G. had given the order for the execution. Donald G. is an acquaintance of Holleeder.