New suspect in 10 year old gangland murder

Vrij Nederland ha stated that there is a new suspect in the murder of Willem Endstra. Hidr K., the supposed new witness of the Public Prosecution, has pointed to Ail T. as the man who fired the fatal shots in 2004.

Vrij Nederland is basing this on multiple people involved in the the criminal case. On Sunday night the Public Prosecution did not elaborate on the reports. The spokesperson of the Public Prosecution referred to the hearing today. This hearing deals with the case against three men suspected of involvement in the murder. The three men have been suspected with involvement in Endstra's execution for years. The spokesperson only said that more information regarding the witness will become known during the hearing.

According to Vrij Nederland, both the new witness and new suspect belong to the same group of criminals as the other key roll players in the murder investigation. Ali T. has previously been involved in the investigation. The investigators had secretly taken unique body material from him and compared it with DNA found at the crime scene. At that time the DNA did not match.

In May 2004 the 51 year old Endstra was shot dead at his office in Apoololaan, Amsterdam. He had business and personal ties with many leading figures in the underworld. Willem Holleeder was convicted for the systematic extortion of Endstra. Years ago the police named him as the command giver of the execution. In the period before his death, Endstra had secret talks with the Amsterdam police.

In 2011 the police arrested the Russian Namik Abassove in Poland as the suspected shooter. He died a few months later in prison of a brain hemorrhage. Later it appeared that Abassove told the police and judiciary that Donald G. had given the command to execute Endstra. G. and Holleeder were acquaintances.