Zwarte Piet remains unchanged most everywhere

Sinterklaas will be celebrated traditionally this year. Sinterlaas committees across the country say that there will be no changes in the arrival in response to the discussions on Zwarte Piet.

Of 211 locations, only 6 villages and towns will adjust the appearance of Zwarte Piet. Most organizing committees say that the discussion does not play in their municipalities and accordingly nothing will be adjusted.

Yet Zwarte Piet has changed slightly in appearance over the years. Thick red lips and earrings are often not seen and frizzy hair makes way for other hairstyles. One thing remains: the dark color.

Gouda announced earlier this month that in addition to many Zwarte Pieten, there will also be eight stroopwafel- and cheese Pieten walking about. In Amsterdam some of the Pieten's faces will be painted with soot sweeps.

Utrecht would not say officially, but keeps the possibility open to put in a few colored Pieten. In Haarlem there will be flower Pieten.

There are also a number of Sinterklaas committees that have not decided yet. They are waiting on the ruling by the Council of State, which is currently considering whether demands should be made on the appearance of Zwarte Piet. The ruling is three days before the national entry.