Wife of alleged corrupt housing boss gets plea bargain

The Public Prosecutor has confirmed that Justice has offered not to prosecute the wife of Hubert Mollenkamp, the "Maserati director" of housing corporation Rochdale who is suspected of corruption, in exchange for a quarter of a million euro.

But because Alberdina V. is unable to pay the demanded settlement amount, she will be prosecuted like her husband. In early December Alberdina will appear in court along with Hubert Mollenkamp and several business associates of Rochdale on suspicion of involvement in a million fraud in the trade of real estate of the housing corporation.

According to the Public Prosecutor, in 2003 Alberdina sent a false invoice of 188,355 euro to construction company Multi, who paid the invoice one day before a office building at Rochdale sold for 11.5 million euro.

The Public Prosecutor announced on Wednesday that former director of housing corporation PWS (now Havensteder) will also be prosecuted.

The final report of the parliamentary committee of inquiry on the abuses in the world of housing corporations appears today.