Not even half of refugees find work

The Integration Barometer 2014 of VluchtelingenWerk shows that less than half of the refugees (46 percent) in the Netherlands have a paying job.

"The economic integration of refugees is stagnating. And the strict government policy makes it even harder" the organization writes, "There is no specific policy to help refugees find work. Municipalities must connect integration and finding work better and give refugees the chance to get an education. Municipalities must also offer internships and work experience placements."

The organization concludes that refugees do want to integrate, but the government makes it very difficult. "Strict requirements and lack of support cause uncertainty and thus stands in the way of a good integration process."

This study will be presented to State Secretary of Security and Justice Fred Teeven today.

Last week VluchtelingenWerk released a report that states that it is virtually impossible for 21 thousand asylum seekers with a residence permit to become a Dutch citizen.  Thanks to the amnesty of 2007 they may stay in the Netherlands, but they do not have a passport and birth certificate from their country of origin, which is needed to get a Dutch passport. According to Teeven, this is less than a thousand people.