Geert Wilders cake lands six in Saudi Arabian jail

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Saudi Arabia has closed down a sweets shop for selling offensive to Islam cakes.

The commission raided the shop after they received a tip from a client complaining about the cakes that featured a plane and anti Islam messages. The six men working in the shop were arrested.

The messages were inspired by Geert Wilders' idea for a new Saudi flag. His idea changes the Islamic declaration of faith into anti Prophet, anti Islam and anti Koran words.

Wilders distributed these flag stickers in May, causing Saudi Arabia to issue trade sanctions against the Netherlands. Frans Timmermans, then the Minister of Foreign Affairs, had to visit the kingdom to calm tensions.

According to local news site Sabq, the manager of the shop is from Lebanon and the rest of the staff from different Arab countries.

Social media users have called for stiff action against the offenders, condemning the use of cakes to target local values and traditions.