Brinks armoured car workers could strike

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According to union leader Meindert Groter of FNV, the employees of money transporter Brink's Nederland are threatening to strike around the holidays.

The union wants clarity from Brink's regarding the precise nature of the reorganization plan.

Brink's announced last week that 600 of their 1080 jobs are being scrapped. The money transport business is suffering from competition with Geld Service Nederland (GSN).

GSN was founded by ING, ABN Amro and Rabobank two years ago. They will soon receive a large portion of the jobs that Brink's is currently doing.

The union says that  they have heard that only 120 of Brink's employees are able to find work at other companies. According to Groter, this is too few. "The work does not disappear" According to him, the disappearance of 500 people from the industry can only be at the expense of safety.

By holding the strikes around the holidays, they want to increase the pressure on the banks. Rabobank and some of ABN Amro's ATMs are currently being refilled by Brink's employees.


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