Shady asbestos removers unstoppable

The rules regulating companies that remove asbestos are insufficient. 

Companies that lose their license because they do not apply to the rules, can form a new company and apply for a new license without problem. The government can not do anything about it yet. This is evident from internal emails from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Trouw reports.

The carcinogenic asbestos has been banned for 20 years. Strict safety rules were drawn up for the removal of this dangerous substance. Only companies with a certificate may remove the substance. Companies that deal carelessly with asbestos, may have their license revoked for a year.

Many companies fraudulently deal with asbestos for cost saving or due to ignorance, and thus appear to easily avoid the sanctions.

"The current regulatory regime does not yet - alas - exclude the identified constructions completely" the emails read. "This means it is still difficult to prevent companies whose certificate was revoked getting a certificate for a new company"