DigiD identity theft lands six in jail

Adele (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube). (Adele (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube))

The FIOD arrested 6 people on Wednesday in an investigation into the abuse of DigiD accounts.

The fraud delivered around 50 thousand euro, according to the FIOD. According to an investigative team hat is still "relatively limited" because the government intervened quickly.

A 23 year old woman and a 25 year old man from are suspected of phishing, via email or phone. Mostly the elderly were targeted by the pair.

The FIOD stressed that the DigiD system itself is not vulnerable.

In addition to the two inhabitants of Roosendaal, four "money mules" were also arrested. Money obtained with fraud were deposited into their accounts and the directly withdrawn in cash. In total the investigators found 70 suspicious account numbers, which have all been blocked.

A total of around 5 thousand DigiD accounts were seized, though the actual number of abused accounts is much lower. People whose DigiD accounts were abused have been compensated.