Women view economy more negatively

Figures from Statistics Netherlands indicate that women have significantly less confidence in the economy than men.

According to Statistics Netherlands it is only in recent years that the consumer confidence of women differ from that of men. In 2012 the consumer confidence of women and men were almost the same. During 2013 the confidence for both genders increased, but the confidence among women remained slightly lower than that of men. This year men's consumer confidence increased further, but women's confidence increased only very slightly.

Differences in unemployment expectations seem to play a role in the increasing difference in consumer confidence between men and women. Women are more pessimistic about unemployment than men. 64 percent of women think that unemployment will rise in the next 12 months. Only 55 percent of men agree.

It is not surprising that women are more concerned about unemployment. Relatively often women work in sectors that currently find themselves in dire straits, such as the healthcare and welfare sectors. While more men work in the sectors benefiting from the economic recovery, such as the industry and transport sectors.