Carjackers lead police on wild chase through Amsterdam center

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After a wild chase through Amsterdam, the police arrested two suspects on suspicion of carjacking on Wednesday morning.

Around 19:40 pm on Tuesday the police received a report that a 43 year old woman was hijacked at Keizersgracht. Several police units searched the area for the vehicle, but could not find it. The vehicle's licence plate number was then entered into the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Around 00:25 on Wednesday morning there was a hit from the ANPR and the police set off in pursuit.

The driver of the stolen car pulled dangerous antics during the chase through the center of Amsterdam, including driving into oncoming traffic at high speed. Shocked pedestrians had to jump out of the way on Rembrandtplein.

The police officers eventually managed to stop the car on the Dam. The two occupants of the car, a 31 year old man and a 38 year old woman (both from Amsterdam) were arrested