Capri Sun dubbed NL's most deceptive product

Consumers have named the sugary children's drink Capri-Sun Multivitamin from Coca-Cola the most misleading product of 2014.

Coca-Cola thus winds the Gouden Windei of food watchdog Foodwatch.

"The impression is given that it is a healthy drink by putting multivitamin on the packaging. Parents are also misled by the words 'drink with fruit juice and mineral water'. In reality one bag of 200 ml contains 19 grams of sugar, almost as much as cola." says Meike Rijksen of the consumer organization.

More than 26 thousand consumers voted during recent weeks for the most misleading food product of 2014.

Arjanne Hoogstad, a spokesperson for Coca-Cola, had this to say: "The back of the packaging reads exactly which ingredients are in a packet of juice. We assume that parents read this and can make an informed decision what they give their kids to drink."