Hundreds in line at Amsterdam Apple Store

Apple's iPhone 6 is available in The Netherlands today, and eager Apple fans were already lining up outside stores Thursday evening hoping to get their hands on an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. 

In Amsterdam, the Apple Store on the Leidseplein was already surrounded by around 100 people on Friday morning, Z24 writes.

Some extreme fanatics have been there for days, the paper writes. Danny Rockx from Roosendaal, for example, has been in front of the store since Monday evening at 10 p.m. It's Danny's first time camping for an iPhone, but he's already got the taste for it. "Next time we want to break a record and we're going to do it from Friday to Friday."

Not only in Amsterdam, but in Rotterdam, Breda, Groningen and The Hague, people have been lining up in front of stores. At the Vodafone outlets, people were able to go in to buy their phones in the night already, by pre-order.

Vodafone also arranged special "night-couriers" to deliver pre-reserved iPhones to peoples' houses, showing up after midnight in the very wee hours of Friday morning to hand their customers their new shiny technology. De Telegraaf writes that one Amsterdam resident who received his phone from a courier even took four days off work to set up his new iPhone 6.

Apple's new and improved phone has been long-awaited, and with as much fervor and excitement as is generally experienced with Apple products. There have been some complaints, however, with this new iPhone 6's inadvertent 'bend' feature.

The iPhone 6 was released in the US on September 19th. Ever since, some users have experience their devices developing into a curve from having it in their pockets. Nevertheless, this much anticipated new Apple product is making waves on the loyal market.