Dutch jihadist loses passport, assets frozen

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Dutch authorities have revoked the Dutch passport of jihadist Muhajiri Sháám and removed him from the census administration.

The Prosecutor’s Office has also initiated criminal procedures against him. His financial assets had already been frozen.

Sháám, alias Abu Mohammed, on Tuesday urged his “brothers in the Netherlands for a strong act against the Dutch Government,” because the country is giving support of the US that has carried out aerial attacks on Aleppo in Syria. Three Dutch jihadists were killed during the attack. “Get up and do something,” Sháám pressed.

He claimed to be in Aleppo with “brothers” from the Netherlands and Belgium, but stressed that he is not a member of IS. He said he belongs to the al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda splinter ally.

On Wednesday he responded to the news that the Netherlands is supporting the international fight against IS with F-16 fighter planes. “We love Oranje for its acts and deeds; now also for the F16’s. Dutch people, your Government just made you a target.”

Dick Schoof, the National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism and Security confirmed today that Sháám’s passport has been revoked.


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