Phys Ed sub-standard in primary schools

Gym classes in 20 precent of Dutch primary schools are not taught to standard, with classes lasting half the set time. Parliament wants Inspectors to pay a lot more attention to controlling this, the Algemeen Dagblad writes. 

One in five schools only make their pupils do one hour of gym class per week. The minimum set by Education State Secretary Sander Dekker (VVD) is actually two hours. This leaves around 400,000 children with too little sporting activity in the week.

A Parliament majority believes that the agreements on this issue are too lax, and want far stricter rules on schools meeting education standards. "If he does not set the norm of two hours as mandatory, then the agreements of Dekker are nothing more than loose words", said CDA MP Michiel Rog.

For VVD MP Michie van Veen, Education Inspection has to make sure that all schools are on the same page when it comes to standard agreements, and should be far stricter in controls.

On Wednesday, Parliament will discuss this issue. One of the spearheads of this government is physical education, and Sander Dekker would even like to see another hour added to the two gym classes per week, according to the NRC.