Schiphol renovation adds shopping, restaurants

Schiphol airport has started a complete rebuild of Lounge 2. The renovation will add 20 percent more shops and restaurants, and is expected to be complete in the Summer of 2015, RTV NH reports.

The airport's Lounge 2, which is behind passport control is going to go through a complete overhaul, with the contractors tasked with creating seven 'theme worlds'. These are Luxury, Family, Travel & Culture, Modern Dutch, See Buy Fly, Fashion & Lifestyle and Care & Wellness.For the first time in Europe, Whisky brand Johnnie Walker will get a shop entirely to itself.

This renovation is part of a wider Masterplan to accommodate the airport's capacity and to increase overall traveler comfort and efficiency. Other points in the plan are increased central security, the building of a new Hilton hotel, the development of the A pier at the southern end of the terminal and the modernization of the security filter in departures hall 1, RTV writes.