Leg Lamp Man: Amputee kicked out of care facility

Leo Bonten, who made a lamp out of his amputated leg, was asked to leave the care facility where he has been rehabilitating.

Yesterday Bonten was informed by healthcare facility Aafje that he showed "unacceptable behavior".

A spokesperson for Aafje says that "We are completely done with him." Bonten threatened another guest and sexually intimidated the nurses. According to a spokeswoman he stood next to an employee in the elevator and pinched her leg. He also let a girlfriend sleep in his room, which is against the rules, AD.nl reports

Bonten is unhappy with the decision. "Nothing serious happened. This is greatly exaggerated. How can they put me on the street? I only have one leg! I have no one who can help me at home." Bonten refuses to leave. "Even if the police have to tow me away, I do not accept this!"

Bonten was operated two months ago and his leg was amputated. He refused to part with his leg and instead made a lamp out of it. Ever since he has been rehabilitating at the care facility at Maasstad Hospital.

Bonten will get his final prosthesis in a few weeks. According to care facility Aafje he has finished his medical treatment. "He is able to finish his recovery at home." the explanation reads.