Employee steals €1.5m from ING customers

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In Bergen op Zoom, a 35-year-old employee of ING has confessed to aiding a fraud action that stole an estimated €1.5 million from several clients, the NOS reports. 

The suspect admits to giving away his client's details. At least six accounts were tapped, and the fraud ring transfered large amounts of cash from these accounts to recipient accounts in Turkey.

According to the NOS, the ING discovered the fraud in 2012 and filed a report with the police. The employee was fired and had to pay back €500,000.

The employee says he was pressured to participate in the fraud. He claims that his family was threatened if he did not co-operate.

The court case against the employee and two suspects involved in the fraud ring will start today. The NOS writes that the ING will not comment on the news, but do say that the clients have received compensation.