Hema's makeover: new strategy, new stores

On Monday Hema presented a new strategy for a new phase of life with more attention to convenience food and 620 new items.  The department store will present a new, modern identity after a bad period. 

In three months Hema remodeled more than 520 stores. This was necessary because the supply in stores changes faster nowadays. Even the slogan, Echt Hema, is changing. 'Hema makes the ordinary special' will be the department store's new motto.

"We heard back from studies that we need to tell you why our products are better and more exceptional." chairman Ronald van Zetten said at the presentation of the redesigned stores on Monday morning. "We will do that more now." He expects to see the first positive effects from the reorganization from 2015.

2013 was not a good year for Hema, who suffered a net loss of 16.4 million euro. This is the reason for the reorganization and innovation reflected in the stores. According to Van Zetten the loss in 2013 is mainly due to the economic crisis and competition via the internet.

Hema will now display on tables instead of shelves, focus more on impulse buying such as gifts of a few euros, and adjust the prices. The food department will supply more sustainable products, including meats and house wines which are produced biologically. In the fashion department Hema will be focusing on basic clothing. The beauty department is larger, giving customers more space to test products.

Convenience and simplicity is what Hema will be focusing on to make it stronger.


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