Badr Hari's brother committed perjury

Badr Hari's younger brother, Yassine, will appear before the court in Amsterdam on September 18th for committing perjury in the trail against Badr, Volkskrant reports.

Yassine was arrested in the courtroom last October after he had made a statement in favor of his brother. According to the Public Prosecutor Yassine was lying.

The statement said that not Badr but Yassine assaulted the owner of Club Air, Jeroen van den Berg. Van den Berg himself said that it was Badr that assaulted him. The court did not take Yassine's statement seriously and Badr was convicted for the Club Air case.

In addition to the perjury, Yassine is also on trial for his part in a brawl in yet another Amsterdam discotheque, Jimmy Woo.

Badr was sentence to 1.5 years in prison, six months conditional. The Public Prosecutor lodged an appeal against that judgement, as they found the punishment too lenient. The Public Prosecutor demanded 4 years in prison, one year conditional. Badr himself also appealed. He denied, among other things, the main fact of which he was convicted - the aggravated assault of businessman Koen Everink during the dance festival Sensation in the Amsterdam Arena.