Timmermans short-listed for Europe job

The new president of the European Committee, Jean-Claude Juncker, has completed his list of proposed new European commissioners. Minsiter of Foreign Affairs, Frans Timmermans, is on the list representing the Netherlands, the European Union said today.

Juncker spoke to all the candidate commissioners in the past few days.

It is expected that the distribution of the various directorships will be officially presented next week. After which the European Parliament has to announce their approval. As previously agreed the list contains 27 names, on from each member state. Juncker himself represents the 28th member state, Luxembourg.

With nine female commissioners on the list, the Committee will have the same number of women as the Barroso Committee (2009-2014). This meets the requirement of the European Parliament.

Departing Euro commissioner, Neelie Kroes, started a campaign to have at least ten women in the new Committee in July. With nine women on the committee, the campaign almost succeeded.