Amsterdam museum defies Russia, keeps Crimea gold artifacts

The Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam is currently holding on to some cultural artifacts that form the nucleus of a dispute between Russia, Crimean authorities and Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Culture believes that the Museum's decision to keep several cultural artifacts belonging to Crimea in Russia is "irresponsible", according to Russian press agency Ria Novosti. Instead, the golden jewelry and artifacts should return to that area that has been annexed by Russia. 

The Ukrainian government has confronted the Crimean authorities about the collection. Kiev doesn't think that the former province can claim ownership over the items.

According to Het Parool, the items have been a point of dispute between Ukraine, Crimean authorities and Russia for some time. The items came from a Ukrainian museums, four of them in Kiev, to The Netherlands for an exhibition in the Allard Pierson Museum. The Crimean peninsula broke ties with Ukraine whilst the items were under watch of the Amsterdam museum.

The Allard Pierson Museum will for now safeguard the items until it becomes clear who the rightful owner is.


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