Guilty swimmer pays for dips after 13 years

In Tilburg, the swimming pool Stappegoor received an anonymous letter from a person who confesses that he or she did not pay for a swim at the pool 13 years ago. Sneaking in past the counter. The swimmer attacked a €5 note to the letter, the Brabants Dagblad reports.

The letter was penned by a very guilty person, who begs the pool staff to understand that he or she was "young, stupid, blind" at the time. "Now 13 years later I am getting deeper into Islam, and practicing it.

"It has finally become clear to me that you as man, not only have to be right by yourself and the lord, but also by your fellow man. I try now and then to make good all the bad things that I have in the past done towards man", the letter writes. Further, the letter asks for forgiveness.

"It's nice to see that this also happens in society", a spokesperson for the municipality of Tilburg says. He confirms that the Sport Company Tilburg, which the pool falls under, received the letter several weeks ago. "This kind of letter brings a smile to the faces of the staff. This kind of thing doesn't happen every day."

A 5 euro cent tip is perhaps an inadvertent bonus for the pool. Today, entrance to the pool for people over 4 years of age costs €4.95.