Man arrested after flying drone over fireworks show

A man was arrested Saturday night after flying his drone-mounted camera over the fireworks festival in Scheveningen. The 45-year-old man from the Hague is suspected of violating rules governing model airplanes.

At about 22:50 p.m. on Saturday evening during the 35th International Fireworks Festival, patrolling police officers noticed a drone flying over the sea at the same height as the fireworks.

After the fireworks show the police once again noticed the drone flying over the many pedestrians on the beach and the boulevard towards the harbor.  Police followed the drone and caught up with the owner the moment the small aircraft landed.

The man was taken into custody and his drone confiscated for violation of the Control of Model Aircraft which states that model aircraft are forbidden to be flown after dark, over crowds and over connected buildings.

The suspect was released after questioning.  His drone has been seized pending the outcome of a hearing by the Aviation Police Department.

YouTube user Jos Stiglingh garnered worldwide attention for a similar video created by flowing a drone with a GoPro camera through a fireworks show in Florida. The video, published in May, has garnered nearly ten million views.