Wilders' Eurosceptic party formation failed

Geert Wilders has failed to gather enough members for his Parliamentary group. The PVV-leader is two members short of the necessary seven EU member states for a Parliamentary faction to be valid. He hopes to have more success towards the end of the year. 

Together with Marine Le Pen, Wilders' group colleague, three parties were found that agreed to join their group: The Belgian Vlaams Belang, the Austrian FPÖ and the Italian Liga Nord.

Last week, it was announced that Polish party KNP would join the faction, but it now seems that the party is not suited to Wilders' vision after all. "The PVV would like to form a faction, but not against every price", Wilder says. "In that sense, cooperating in a faction with Korwin-Mikke of the Polish KNP is a step too far for us." Mikke is known for speaking about homosexuals in the Second World War. His party is also against women having the right to vote, as they tend to vote left.

According to the NOS, however, the story in Brussels is that the Polish party stepped away. "Because they haven't forgotten the Pole Hotline from the PVV." The Pole Hotline allows people to report Polish people who are a nuisance. It was a PVV initiative from 2012.

UKIP from Nigel Farage, has succeeded in finding supporters for their Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EDF) group. UKIP refused to work with Le Pen because of the party's seeming inability to remove the anti-Semitic label from themselves.

Wilders' plan for Parliament seems to be failing. He cannot now put items on the agenda, nor can his group get a sear in the Parliamentary Commission. Their influence is now limited.

The  commissions in the European Parliament are going to be divided on Wednesday. To get a role in that, Wilders needed to have his group rounded out on Monday.