Greenpeace director in hypocrisy scandal; takes plane to work

Greenpeace campaign director Husting lives in Luxembourg. To travel to Amsterdam two times a month for his job, he has been taking an airplane. This was revealed in documents leaked to the Guardian newspaper. Now, the organization has said tat Husting will take the train in future. 

The campaign director for the environmental organization has been traveling by plane to and from Amsterdam every week since 2011. More recently, his travels have gone down to two times a month. Per return flight, he has been responsible for around 140 kilograms of CO2 emissions. Carbon emissions is high on Greenpeace's list of disapproval.

Husting tells the Algemeen Dagblad that he will not move closer to Amsterdam because of his family. "I was director of Greenpeace in France, and moved twice in two years. Then my children had to deal with a new language again", Husting says.

Greenpeace policy restricts staff from flying short distance. The organization claimed that this regulation was not applied to Husting because of the problematic issue with his children.

On their website, the organization has made a public apology to donors. "From today, Husting will no longer fly to Amsterdam, but take the train if necessary."

Husting has also made a public apology through the ANP. "This is indeed bad publicity for Greenpeace an I want to offer my apologies to the people who support us."