Hundreds without gas in Apeldoorn

without gas
Liander crews work to fix contaminated gas pipes in Apeldoorn (Liander/Twitter). (Liander crews work to fix contaminated gas pipes in Apeldoorn (Liander/Twitter))

As many as 600 homes in Apeldoorn are still without natural gas due to managed by energy supplier Liander. Pipes there were contaminated with water and mud during routine maintenance work, initially leaving 1,300 households without gas.

Liander's spokesman states that the company is still experiencing several repair issues, but they are hopeful they can repair some of the problems over the weekend.

However, Liander doesn't guarantee that problems will be completely solved tomorrow. "In the pipes we are working on today, mud and water still can be found. How fast we can connect the pipes depends on how fast we can clean that out," a Liander representative said.

People who have suffered from this accident will be paid 120 euros per day. According to the law, the supplier must pay legitimate damage claims submitted by their clients.