Security concerns for Jewish sites in Amsterdam

Jewish buildings in Amsterdam are going to receive extra security supervision, a decision made by the mayor on advice from the National counter-terrorism coordinator (NCTV). 

The coordinator writes in a letter to the city that there is no concrete evidence or information of a planned attack on Jewish entities in The Netherlands, but that such an attack is imaginable and should therefore be preempted with additional security measures.

On the 24th of May, four people were killed in an attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels. A suspect was apprehended in France last Friday.

Mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, has decided to take the advice from NCTV. No clarifications on the nature of the security measures the city is planning have been made. Although precise security measures will not be released, Van der Laan said that any taken measures enacted may be cancelled in the near future.

The municipality will conduct talks with the Jewish community to agree on specific security measures for each location. Mayor Van der Laan will also discuss the possibility of sharing the costs with the Kingdom.

Britt Slegers contributed to this report.