Arsonist kept police busy

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Police in Vlissingen were kept on their toes early this morning by a string of fires that kept them rushing from one spot in the city to another.

The first report came in around 1.20am; someone had set fire to an umbrella outside a cafe at Walstraat. As the officers were dousing the fire they heard a blast, but they could not determine its location.

Around 1.30am another report came in about a car that was ablaze at Kleine Markt. The officers extinguished thie fire as well, but the vehicle was lost; two other cars that were nearby got damaged. A tow truck hauled them away.

Meanwhile a third and fourth fire were raging in two containers; one at Helling baan and one at Vlaming straat. As the officers got to extinguishing these fire too, a report reached the station of two cars being alight at het Dokje van Perry. Officers rushed over but it turned out to be a wild goose chase; there were no fires here.

Then around 1.50am they were sent to Molenstraat were someone had burned up a bicycle leaning against a wall. The bike was lost, the wall scorched.

Vlissingen police received support from other stations; several people and their cars were searched, but the officers found nothing. They say the investigation continues today.