Golden Carriage attacker arrested in Germany

Erwin Lensink, the man who threw a tea light holder at the Golden Carriage during Prinsjesdag 2010 and served time for it, was arrested in Münster, Germany today. He was taken away by the police, just before the arrival of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. 

Lensink, also known as the "tea light candle holder thrower", was in Münster, standing in a crowd of people waiting to see the King and Queen on their visit. He was carrying a large sign with it, on which he expressed his disgust of the Royal Couple. "The Netherlands is a Bilderberg Rothschild Bankster monarchy", was written on it.

Further, Lensink also called the Dutch police and justice fascists. He did not resist arrest, and walked away calmly with the police, the Algemeen Dagblad reports. The Royal Couple did not notice his presence.

Erwin Lensink was responsible for throwing the candle holder at the Golden Carriage in 2010, as a protest against the monarchy, which he is against as a republican. While doing so, he reportedly shouted "this is a hand grenade." The stunt landed him in jail for 18 months. He was released in November 2012.

He was arrested several times after his release, for ignoring area bans. In April 2013, he was incarcerated once again. in Münster, Germany, where he was suspected of threatening and stalking his brother's old roommate. At the time, Lensink called it a plot to keep him away from the inauguration of Willem-Alexander in that year.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are in Germany for a trade visit. They visited the 'neighboring lands' Nedersaksen and Noordrijn-Westfalen, both on the Dutch border.

The Royal Couple visited the Oldenburg University yesterday for a seminar. After that they went to the EWE Research Institute for durable energy technology 'Next Energy.'