D66, PVV clash on need for EU in debate

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In the European front runners debate on the television program EenVandaag, the D66 and PVV disagreed on the topic of whether Europe should also become a political union. PVV-front runner Marcel de Graaff debated D66's Sophie in 't Veld.

"The European dream has become a nightmare for every citizen", De Graaff said. Sophie in 't Veld argued that Europe can only measure itself with other superpowers if it strong. "An independent Netherlands in a globalizing world is an illusion", In 't Veld said.

De Graaff called the EU an undemocratic monster that hurts every Dutch person. He pointed out that 100 asylum seekers enter the country every week. "They get a washing machine of €1500. If a normal Dutch person's washing machine breaks, he gets nothing", De Graaff argued.

According to the PVV front runner, there are yet a million people on the North African coast waiting for a chance to come to the Netherlands. "And the borders can't close."

Esther de Lange, front runner for the CDA, believes that D66 does not want to admit anymore that the party is striving for a "European super state" in which citizens pay tax to Brussels.