Asscher targets unfair freelancer deals

The minister of Social Affairs, Lodewijk Asscher (PvdA), wants there to be an end to unfair part time worker deals. He is concerned about the state of the labour market, and how some people will freelance for "a long time, against their will", NOS Extra reports. 

In a reaction to a study done by temp agency ABU, which posits that the number of part time workers will increase in the coming years, minister Asscher said that it isn't a problem, as long as it is done fairly. People with a steady contract must also have proper labour conditions, be able to get a mortgage, and build up a pension.

Earlier, minister Asscher also spoke out against those companies that find loopholes in the law that allow them to keep exploiting workers, arguing equal pay for equal work.

A year from now, a new law will be set in motion, which is meant to improve the position of freelancers and entry level workers on the labour market. The dismissal law will be simplified, and freelancers will have the right to a contract after two years, not three.

Union FNV says that workers without a steady contract should still have the possibility to have stable work. "Employers have to take their responsibility now."