PVV works with creeps for money: Asscher

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Minister Lodewijk Asscher of Social Affairs has criticized the PVV for working together with "creeps" in Europe, such as the French Front National, for money.  In the radio program 'Dit is de dag' on Thursday, Minister Asscher said that fractions in the European Parliament receive a larger budget if they are bigger. The PVV wants to form a fraction together with extreme right-wing parties such as the Front National and the Austrian FPÖ, after the elections next week. These parties are together with the PVV in their anti-EU standpoint.

The Front National has been criticized for racist ideology in the past, as its founder, and Honorary Chairman Jean-Marie Le Pen, outed anti-semitic comments. Marine Le Pen is the leader now, daughter of Jean-Marie, and is not following her father's anti-semitic line, according to PVV-leader Geert Wilders. Minister Frans Timmermans of Foreign Affairs has called Wilders' alliance with the Front National a desperate move, saying he is "past his prime", nu.nl reports. "It is a desperate move if you have to affix yourself with a club as the Front National", Timmermans said Friday. "Then you've really lost it." According to the poll from Vote Watch on Wednesday, the PVV and the D66 will triumph. Euro-critical parties seem to be doing well in the polls. "Wilders seems successful, but that is the Europe of the past", Timmermans states.