Bar brawl ends in freeway crash and stabbing

Two groups of people had an argument in a bar on the Vijverstraat in Sint Willebrord, after which some were involved in a series of crashes on the A58 near Breda resulting in two arrests. 

A 49-year old man from Ruchpen was injured in the fight after being hit in the head with a bottle. Five other people fled in two cars.

A car chase on the A58 followed, ending next to the freeway near Breda. After an intentional collision, the cars crashed near a bus stop. The passengers then started fighting once again. Four people were injured including a 41-year old man from Sint Willebrord, his parents and a 33-year old person from Tilburg.

Police arrested two people, and four were brought to hospital with injuries. It is possible that one victim was also stabbed. Police are still determining suspects.


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