Developed eggs could prevent blindness

Scientist and entrepreneur Jos Nelissen and Maastricht University have, after seven years of study and research, developed an egg that could prevent blindness. This is the world's first development of its kind. 

People who develop blindness in old age, or Macular Degeneration, usually lack  nutrients such as lutein. This substance can be found in eggs, and vegetables such as spinach and broccoli.

The problem is that the concentration of the nutrients found in eggs and vegetables is normally so low that it has no effect.  The eggs that have now been developed contain a high concentration that can help to prevent blindness.

Around 125,000 people suffer from blindness in old age in the Netherlands. The scientifically developed eggs are sold in powder form and can be mixed in liquid. They are already available on the internet and in some pharmacies.

An investigation into the efficacy of the eggs by independent researchers is ongoing.