Surfers rescued from North Sea after 4 hours

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Two surfers had to be pulled from the North Sea on Monday by rescue services, around 9 kilometers from the coast of Voorne-Putten. It is thought that they were stuck out at sea for over four hours. 

A helicopter had to bring the two to hospital. One of the surfers lost consciousness, and the other was only barely responsive the Coast Guard reports.

A friend sounded the alarm after one of his friends did not come back from a kitesurfing trip. Helicopters, boats, cars and one airplane were sent out to look for the missing surfer. It is believed that one of the men found is the missing person, whereas the other surfer was discovered by coincidence.

It is possible that a gust of wind pushed the missing surfer away from safety. The rescue services were a little confused when they first found the other surfer, who did not match the description of the missing person.

The man they were looking for was found not far from the first person. The victims come from Maastricht and Leiden.