Sister of dead Deurne robber names two accomplices

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The sister of one of the men who died in the jewelry store robbery in Deurne, has named two more men who were probably accomplices of her brother's.

Attorney Peter Plasman, who represents the family of Abdel H. (20) said in an RTL Late Night interview last night that the sister is pretty sure the two other men were also involved and probably had a major role in planning the botched heist. “She is convinced her brother was not the one who planned the robbery,” said Plasman. He said the woman came to the conclusion after doing her own research and is now cooperating fully with police. “She named the suspects that she thinks were involved; she did not have all their details, but enough for police to know who they were,” said Plasman. He said the woman is not afraid of reprisals. Lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers who represents the jeweler’s and his wife, has meanwhile said that the wife, Marina Sanders, had fired three shots in blind panic, killing the two men robbing the shop. Abdel H.’s lawyer Plasman said he was not convinced yet that it had been a case of self-defense. “We need more than just the statements from the jewelers,” he said.