Prorail director quits over Telegraaf article


On Thursday, Marion Gout, president-director of Prorail, announced her departure from the company. She was allegedly informed of a 'disastrous' article in De Telegraaf newspaper of Friday.

Sources tell De Telegraaf that the heads of the company were in panic after they were informed of the article.

On Friday, the newspaper wrote that the number of disruptions on the rails has risen 'enormously' over the past few years. From 1846 in 2011, to 2312 last year, an increase of 25 percent.

"Prorail has no whatsoever overview of the state and the maintenance of the rails", says president of travelers association Rover, Arriën Kruyt. He also believes that Gout's position has hereby become "impossible."

The director made her own conclusions, and decided to resign. According to De Telegraaf, however, she did attempt to turn the tide before that. On Thursday, Prorail sent a rosy press release about a decline of the amount of track-switch disruptions on certain routes. The NS was also asked to stand behind Gout, but declined to do so.

Prorail subsequently sent out a press release with the announcement of the president-director's resignation. Reason for her stepping down was that Gout had difficulty with "developments inside the company."