PvdA commits coup in Haarlem

After a big victory in the municipal council elections, the D66 is being left at the sidelines during negotiations for council-formation, Het Parool reports. This is now happening in Haarlem and Breda. 

In both cities, the D66 wants to form a coalition with at least the VVD. A temporary coalition dominated by leftist parties has thrown a wrench in that plan, and has taken over negotiations for the formation of a new council. In Amsterdam, a stalemate has occurred after the D66 has favored the VVD. The PvdA and GroenLinks are sticking to each other.

Fraction leader for the D66 in Haarlem, Maaike Pippel, was surprised when she lost the initiative in council-formation negotiations last week, and says that a similar situation is playing out in Amsterdam.

Pippel wanted to look for a third party with the VVD, when the PvdA forged a pact with all other council fractions, who together possess 21 of the 35 council seats.

PvdA-fraction leader Jeroen Fritz is now leading the negotiations. He does not want a coalition with the D66 and VVD, as he finds this too right-leaning.

In Breda, the D66 and the VVD wrote a programme of main principles at the proposal of informateur and governing board member Paul Frissen. This was meant to result in the determination of one or two coalition partners. According to Het Parool, the rest of the municipal council hijacked those coalition discussions. Of the five parties who now have control, the SP is the only one who won seats on the 19th of March.

The scenario that the D66 and VVD in Amsterdam will have 20 of the 45 seats together is unlikely. But it is not ruled out. PvdA, GroenLinks and SP together have 22 seats. If they risk it, they could seek support with the three one-man's fractions in the council.