Dutch ban jihadist of gruesome pictures

Khalid K., the jihadist from Almere who appeared in an online picture with five severed human heads, has been banned from the Netherlands and he may be prosecuted for war crimes.

"The right to residence of said person has been terminated and per a ban issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service he will not be allowed to enter the USA for a period of 20 years," Justice and Security Minister Ivo Opstelten wrote the Second Chamber today. He was responding to questions from the PVV party that had indicated that it was horrified by the pictures. The Minister said that the Prosecutor's Office will research if there are possibilities to charge him with war crimes if he would still return to the Netherlands.

Iraqi-born Khalid K. appeared in gruesome pictures twice this year, since leaving the Netherlands for war-torn Syria in 2012. The first time in January he was posing with one severed human head; in March he reappeared, squatting behind five heads while holding a bloody knife.

It was not clear whether the photos were real or some stunt of some jihadist group, and whether the 37-year-old former Almeerder had cut off the heads himself. It was obvious that he sought profile himself as a scrupulous jihadist.