Second PVV MP resigns in 24 hours over Wilders

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Joram van Klaveren, member of parliament (MP) for the PVV, is the second PVV MP to resign over Wilders' Moroccan remarks within 24 hours. Van Klaveren was preceded by Roland van Vliet Thursday evening. Council member Chris van der Helm also resigned. PVV party leader, Geert Wilders, came under fire when he promised his voters a The Hague with less Moroccans.

The criticism exploded when Wilders had his fans chant that they want less Moroccans, Wednesday night. Wilders insists his behavior was not questionable. Only Friday he stated he didn't think anybody else would resign from their post. In a letter to his colleagues in his political faction, which he shared with ANP press agency, Van Klaveren explains "the course the PVV has taken has become fruitless," and "the party focuses more on attracting media attention and gaining seats instead of finding solutions for problems such as the multicultural society, safety, and an ever-growing government." Geert Wilders was not available for a response all day. The cabinet distanced itself from Wilders' statement and the VVD in The Hague and Almere followed their leader's example by refusing to work with the local PVV factions if they don't distance themselves from Wilders' statement as well. It seems the very existence of the PVV is at stake.